Yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum – Classes Soon

RPYT – What does this mean, and what’s next?

A RPYT, or a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher is a yoga teacher who has successfully completed both a Yoga Alliance recognized 85-hour teacher training in prenatal yoga with a Registered Prenatal Yoga School and a traditional 200-hour teacher training with a Registered Yoga School. What sets me apart from other RPYTs is my unique, multifaceted application of traditional yoga philosophy, my extensive research on the systems of the human body and the physiological changes inherent to pregnancy, and my deep well of personal, experience-based wisdom regarding the use of gender-inclusive language in my personal and profession life.

As a queer, gender-nonconforming/nonbinary person currently exploring my own relationship with pregnancy and what that experience might be like in my body – I look out into the rich, ever expanding world of support services for pregnant people and see massive gaps where people like myself often fall through. Those gaps are often caused, in part, by the casual use of gender essentialist language as well as the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

Viewing the landscape of pregnancy and birth through this lens, my aim is to provide gentle movement, breath awareness, and relaxation technique classes to *everyone* with the understanding that everyone is uplifted and supported when we cater to the populations most often overlooked in the context of pregnancy and birth care: low-income, BIPOC, queer, trans, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming pregnant people who are at best – overlooked by the wellness industry, and at worst – actively excluded from care spaces via lazy, harmful cisgender-centric language and conditioned exclusionary social behaviors.

I have one ambition as I prepare to offer perinatal yoga classes to the public: to utilize the classroom setting and context to create a flexible container for deep healing, care, joy, rest, expansion, safety, stability, curiosity, acceptance, nourishment, and ease for pregnant bodies of all genders.

LGBTQ+ pregnancy support resources (WA state specifically and beyond, I will add to this list periodically as I find additional resources):

Midwifery and Fertility:
Queer Doula Network: Tacoma Birth Doula:
Birth for Every Body: