Miscellaneous photos from a trip to Westport, WA

A View of the path to the beach from the window of our Airbnb
The walking path to the beach
Lupinus littoralis, Seashore Lupine
beach at low tide
Westport, Washington – low tide
seaweed and broken shells
Mussels growing on an old buoy
Merino’s Seafood Market, “The Taste of Westport”
K and Stevie in front of Merino’s
Close-up of our fresh caught seafood lunch from Merino’s
Clam chowder, halibut fish and chips, coleslaw
Our view of the marina while we ate lunch
Smoked salmon from Seafood Connection…
…Tied to my backpack to snack on later
A sandy shell
a sand dollar
Another pathway down to the ocean
K and Stevie on the beach
K and Stevie running on the beach
Me giving you a peace sign 🙂

~ EK

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